People are at the heart of everything we do.

Our business revolves around having a profound impact on the success and wellbeing of every single face involved.

As a Certified B Corporation, BOCCA vows to improve the quality of life in coffee-growing regions by fostering long-term relationships and showcasing partners across the entire supply chain. It’s that very commitment that fueled the foundation of initiatives such as The Suke Quto School Project, which harbor community-wide change along the bean-to-cup journey.

Our principles (besides Quality…)

We are inspired to share the journey that coffee takes from the farm to your cup. Through this openness, we hope to create honest partnerships, with farmers, producers, importers, and you, our customer.

We love learning and will never cease innovating, sharing our knowledge, and enabling personal achievement within our company, the coffee growing community, and our customers. We support these lively partnerships.

The principles in action
We envision a future where our core values will improve the lives of everyone involved in our coffee community. Last year the average price we paid for our coffee was 56% above the Fair-Trade minimum price. This translates to an additional USD 534,000 for our coffee-growing community. It’s a direct incentive for the farmers; they see that we actually are willing to pay for quality and for the extra mile we ask for.

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