Embark on a Coffee Adventure

Since 2001, our company has been a leader in the specialty coffee industry. As the first speciality coffee roaster in the Netherlands to manage the entire coffee chain, from sourcing to roasting, packaging to serving, we take pride in our commitment to quality.

We have a diverse portfolio of quality-focused customers, including offices, espresso bars, restaurants, hotels, sport clubs and clinics, and a loyal following of individual coffee connoisseurs. Join us on our coffee adventure and taste the difference.


At Bocca, we are committed to building long-term relationships with our farmers, working with them directly at origin to support them with knowledge and pay them a fair and honest price.

We believe that sustainability is a social obligation towards future generations, and it’s central to our education, research, and business operations. We are inspired by the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and strive to do better every day.

As a B Corp, we demonstrate our positive impact on the environment and society. We have just launched the first True Price Coffee in the Netherlands, verified by an independent agency, True Price. Join us on our journey!

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