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We source, roast and sell great coffee. It’s what we do. From our house blends through to our ever-evolving offering of single origin coffee, we have a vast range of coffee products to suit a vast range of coffee drinkers. Like an espresso with enough strength to kick-off your Monday morning meetings? Or something light and fruity?

Either way, we got you!

From bean
to cup.

We are the first speciality coffee roaster in the Netherlands to manage the entire bean-to-cup process: from sourcing to roasting and packaging to serving.


It’s the way we see the future while celebrating our past that allows us to lead the way in our favorite game in a sustainable and responsible way. B Corp.

The best out of every bean.

Our roasters know exactly how to bring the best out of every bean — that ideal ratio of sweetness to acidity — because they've been doing this for years.

20+ years of proud heritage.

Born from adventure, we now have over 20 years of proud heritage that gives us the edge of unparalleled quality, experience and craftmanship.

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For the Discoverer

This green packaging represents our most approachable coffees. The range consists of light, medium and dark roasts and a Decaf.

For the adventurer

This RED packaging represents our more challenging coffees. Fresh and fruity. Adventurers are familiar with specialty coffee.

For the Pioneer

This GOLD packaging represents our specials. Coffees which are seasonable, only available in small volume and for the true coffee connaisseur.

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