Coffee in the service industry

With a wide range of top quality coffees you have come to the right place. Whether you own a restaurant, cafe or coffee bar, we have a coffee that suits every type of catering industry. Through one or more tastings we choose the coffee that suits you best. In addition, we train your baristas to brew the coffee correctly, so that you can guarantee the best quality coffee in your catering business at all times.


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  • From bean to cup
  • Responsible sourced
  • The best out of every bean
  • 20+ years of proud heritage

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Our coffee beans

We always focus on the end result, talented craftmanship goes into getting the best from our beans.
We have our very own coffee roastery in Dronten.

Coffee machines at your place

Good equipment is indispensable to get the best flavors out of coffee. That is why we at Bocca work with the best espresso machines from top brands such as LaMarzocco, Jura, Eversys and WMF. Which coffee machine has the best history depends on your personal situation and wishes.

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