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Proud to be a Certified B Corporation®!

Small businesses can also make big changes.

Bocca is a certified B Corp company which demonstrates that our business has a positive impact on the environment and society. We strive towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. 

Community Focused Supply Chain

From the moment our journey started we have focused on ensuring the well-being of every single individual involved. We have been able to build sacred friendships with our partners, in coffee origins and at home, in The Netherlands. Our company cherishes beautiful relationships and long-term commitments for almost 20 years!

We believe in using the power of enterprise to champion socially responsible practices, have a far-reaching positive impact and to serve a greater purpose with a positive contribution to the world. We work to empower lives through founding community programs, develop direct and sustainable trade across our supply chain and we build socially conscious communities wherever we operate.

Our core focus is to be a provider of specialty coffee education with a social mission at its core.

What is B Corp?

Today, there are over 3600+ Certified B Corps around the globe. The B Corp community works towards redefining success in business, establishing a framework which measures the overall positive impact on communities, employees, and the environment.

B Corp certification involves a multi-dimensional assessment of the overall impact of each company. This includes: developing communities, good working conditions and building a healthier environment.

For us, becoming a B Corp is part of our journey to challenge the status quo and to strive to have an ever-greater impact on people and the planet. We are proud to be part of a successful network of leaders and businesses, which aim to be a force for good.