Waking up to the smell of coffee that you’ve roasted yourself. Coffee beans from all over the world are grown in different soils and those differences are noticeable in the beans when you roast your own coffee. The BoRoaster is hand-blown out of BoRosilicate glass and can, of course, also be used for other beans.

With the round shape, you can mill your unroasted beans or seeds on any heat source. Use the smallest burner on your stove, or a tealight or spirit cooker. If you want to use our BoRoaster on an induction hob, you’ll need an induction adapter plate.

Buy our green coffees to start roasting your own coffee beans.

Delve into the world of coffee roasting and learn how to craft your own cup of coffee from scratch. Develop your own roasting style by roasting different kinds of beans by following the Coffee Roasting Workshop in our School of Coffee.

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