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Coffee in the Office

Everyone likes to start the day with a delicious cup of coffee made from freshly ground beans. Coffee stimulates the mind, helps to relax and increases productivity. While drinking a strong espresso or creamy cappuccino, the best conversations and ideas arise. We believe that this type of coffee should not only be available at a coffee bar, but also at all offices. Where you drink the most coffee, you want to have the best possible coffee available. Besides, the quality of the coffee reflects the quality of your company.

Our Coffees

  • Wide choice in taste
  • Suitable for the fully automatic machine
  • Combine our coffee with a machine

School Of Coffee

  • Improve your ability to make coffee
  • Create perfect latte art
  • Personal advice and support

Service & Quality

  • Fast service on location
  • Always freshly roasted coffee
  • Take away (sugar, stirrers, cups)

Why choose Bocca for the office?

If you choose Bocca coffee for work, you will get coffee of excellent quality, with a fair pice. Our coffee from 100% Arabica beans is produced with an eye for farmers and the environment, and you can taste it. Bocca is all about the perfect combination of taste, quality and price. We have several types of coffees that are suitable for every coffee lover. Our coffee for at the office suits every type of company. In addition, we have various equipment such as coffee machines and grinders available to help you make that perfect cup of coffee.

Our Coffee Machines


  • Small company: from 12 people
  • Very user-friendly
  • From € 0.27 per cup


  • Medium-sized company: from 40 people
  • Quality, especially very good milk foam
  • From € 0.29 per cup


  • From 80 people
  • Not inferior to a trained barista
  • From € 0.28 per cup

Interested in Bocca coffee?

We are happy to think along with you to choose the right solution for every type of company.

Our account managers are happy to help you.

Call our roaster on +31 321 31 46 67. Contact us by mail. Or mail directly to Coen.