A coffee designed for oat milk!

Elevate your plant based coffee game!

Today you can find oat milk everywhere but traditionally coffee is selected & roasted without oat milk in mind. Since we like a challenge, we decided it was time to set this right! Against all odds, we added a little bit of washed Robusta beans from a coffee farm situated at a high altitude in Uganda. We decided to give this unpopular variety in the specialty coffee scene a chance as the beans were especially prepared for us and processed according to our quality standards.

These Robusta beans bring extra sweetness, more body and create a thick crema. They are blended with our best Arabica beans to ensure the right balance between the oat milk and coffee flavour. Notes of dark chocolate & brown sugar.

Facts about oat milk

Why has oat milk become so popular? Firstly oat milk is accessible to a lot of people who can’t drink other types of milk. Secondly, it has a low environmental impact and is a sustainable system: if you compare a 200 ml glass of oat milk vs. 200 ml glass of cow milk, you get this: to produce the glass of oat milk, about 0.8 square meters of land and 5 liters of water is requered. The CO2 emission is just under 0.3 kg. To produce a 200 ml glass of cow’s milk 3.9 square kms of land and about 120 litres of water is required. The CO2 emission is just above 0.6 kg. That’s a massive difference!

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