Soulmate True Price


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What does True Price mean?
A true price includes the social and environmental costs in the final price. True pricing is a mechanism used by companies to improve their impact. Our beans take a very long journey to get into your cup. This journey has a societal and environmental impact. Co2 emissions, deforestation, and farmer wage exploitation, are just a handful of issues, not reflected in the price. Until now.

Why should you pay a true price?
Joining the true price movement means building a better future for everyone involved in the coffee chain. Each payment will be used to prevent harmful impact across the value chain.

How to brew



Dose: 19 grams
Water: 40 grams at 93 degrees
Grind: very fine

Total extraction time: 30 sec


Dose: 30 grams
Water: 500 grams at 90 degrees
Grind: medium

Total extraction time: 4-5 min