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Impact report 2022

This report provides an update of our progress in 2022.

Part of always trying to do better is moving forwards. We want to take you along on this journey, creating a better world – one cup at a time.


Since we started, we have focused on ensuring the well-being of everyone involved in the coffee chain. We have build long-lasting relationships and improved the quality of life of individuals living in coffee origins and at home, in the Netherlands.

Our Core Values.

Celebrating our Quality.

The last year presented new challenges in the coffee industry, such as: increased prices, poor weather conditions and transportation difficulties. Despite being confronted with these different obstacles we have been working hard to ensure that we keep moving forwards and continue to provide a high quality product.

In our impact report, we provide a detailed overview of our cupping results, looking specifically at the regions our coffee was sourced from and more information about processing methods and certification.


We take full responsibility for creating a positive impact, this is at the core of our companies DNA. Our philosophy is to provide measurable and verifiable information with open access for our customers. We strive to ensure that we have a positive effect on the environment and every single person connected to our company’s mission.

True Price Society.

Making True Pricing a reality for BOCCA was a huge step for us. We looked at the actual cost of our coffee from Brazil and Peru. Working together with our partners in origin and the organisation True Price.

Using a methodologically approved and verifiable approach, we demonstrate that our impact is low. Making it possible for you to pay the true price.

You can read more about these findings in the impact report or click the link below:


Our company philosophy is to provide transparent information with easy access for our cusomers and everybody connected to the BOCCA mission.

This means our coffee is completely traceable and we are open about our pricing. There is nothing we need or want to keep from our customers – so we always let you know exactly what goes into your cup.

As we grow, we continue to acknowledge that information sharing helps to ensure our beloved community feels connected. Which is why we continue to provide information for our customers and share this responsibility report!

B Corp.

Becoming a certified B Corp in 2021 was a great achievement for our company. The certification demonstrates that our business has a positive impact on the environment and society.

BOCCA is a part of a network of companies with the ambition to serve a greater purpose to the world. We continue in our journey towards recertification and aim to increase our current B impact score (91.2)!


roasted kilos of responsibly sourced coffee in 2022.


years of relationships with the same farmers.


of the best coffee producing countries.

How we select our origins.

Selecting coffee origins is everything. It allows us build meaningful partnerships (20+ years) with producers around the globe. We take a quality-first approach to selecting producers and ensure responsible sourcing practices. Including purchasing coffees at an honest market price from producers who place a focus on sustainable farming practices.

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