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Not sustainability. Bocca.

Fair trade. Direct trade. Fair chain. Many beautiful words for sustainability in coffee. But we have been in the coffee industry long enough to know that all that matters in the end is what you actually do. The real impact you make. We may be a coffee company, but we are in the relationship business. We are about people first. We want to empower and connect people – at home and in origin: farmers, partners and customers. Because we believe this is the only way to make real change happen.

Together. As partners.


Share knowledge

Connect the chain

Pay the price

You & Bocca

Treat the earth like home

Our 5 guidelines:

#1 We keep on innovating in the packaging of our coffees. Right now our packaging is made of plastic (instead of foil which was more damaging) and recyclable if put in a plastic bin.

#2 We keep exploring ways to reduce waste. From the interior of our Espressobar (made with recycled materials) to the jute bags our coffee is transported in, to the milk we use for our coffees.

#3 We use state-of-the-art and energy efficient roasters and espresso machines. By using a LORING roaster we save 80% on our gas use.

#4 We believe in growing coffee organically and with respect for the planet and its soil. But we do not always believe in organic certification. Therefore we only buy organic certified coffee in some origins. Right now, 4 of our 7 Year Round coffees are organically certified. Bocca is SKAL certified.

#5 We keep the amount of km our coffee has to travel as low as possible. Of course we prefer sea freight over air.



At Bocca we know how our coffees are grown. This way we can determine for each single coffee whether it meets our requirements and philosophy. All our coffees, both with and without the organic label, are of high quality and grown with respect for people and nature. As you would expect from Bocca.

Fair Trade

We work together with farmers towards better quality – quality of coffee and quality of life. We look at the circumstances of every single coffee buy, and base our pricing decisions on that.

The impact we have made

Next Steps

1. Discover your own taste in coffee

Join us for our a home espresso workshop at the Bocca School of Coffee in the Kerkstraat, Amsterdam. Here we will take you on a journey in the world of coffee, so you can taste what coffee is really about.

2. Co-invest in one of our coffee projects

At Bocca you are an indispensable part of the coffee chain. With us, you can co-invest in one of our special projects and make an impact.