Bocca Roastery

Our very own roastery located in Dronten

How we work?

We weigh, roast and pack all coffee orders in our roastery. We buy green coffee directly from the coffee farmers. The price of the coffee is determined by the quality of the coffee. Because there are few intermediaries who have to earn money from the coffee, the coffee chain is very transparent and the farmer gets a higher price for his coffee.

We are always looking for the tastiest coffees. Besides our standard range of coffee we are always look for specials and we regularly taste samples of new coffees. As a roaster you have to be able to look far ahead: depending on where the coffee you have tasted is in the processing process, it can sometimes take several months before you receive the coffee you have ordered.

We use cupping to taste and assess the samples, but also to check the quality of our own coffees. The method by which coffees are judged is worldwide. Cupping is a whole ritual in which the coffee is only poured with hot water. You slurp the coffee from a spoon so that the coffee spreads well throughout your mouth and then you immediately spit it out again (unless of course it’s so tasty that you don’t want it). This allows you to taste both the qualities and possible defects extra well.

We cup our own coffees every week. Quality control is important in a coffee roaster’s job because the branding process is a close call. There are several factors that are variable: a slightly different ambient temperature can affect a roast, for example. As a casserole make sure your final temperature and roasting time remain the same despite these variable factors. By cupping daily, we know for sure that our coffees always have optimal flavors!

About the Loring

Our coffee roaster is a special machine. The Loring S70 Peregine is a roaster from America constructed by skilled craftsmen. Single burner roasts beans and incinerates smoke. High-speed cooling tray reduces cooling time while protecting beans. Besides that it saves up to 80% uel-savings and reduction of greenhouse gases in every roast, compared to conventional roasters.

With this coffee roaster we can compose a precise roasting profile, the recipe that you follow when roasting, for each coffee. In a fire profile you look at the course of the temperature, smell, color and time.

About the probat

Our all time favourite. There are dozens of manufacturers of coffee roasters all over the world. In fact, many of these manufacturers are newer companies that have formed in just the last 30 years or so. There is one name in particular, however, that has stood the test of time: Probat. In existence and producing coffee roasters since the late 1800’s, Probat is the oldest continually operating coffee roaster manufacturer in the world. 

Private label coffee

Serving or selling your own private label coffee is a great way to underline the identity of your company.

As a coffee roaster we are happy to help you develop your own coffee brand from start to finish!

There are several ways to release a private label coffee.

  • An existing blend with your own design and packaging.
  • Compose your own blend

We are happy to help you find the coffee that suits your company!

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