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What exactly is a ‘sitio’?

A ‘sitio’ is the term given to smaller plantations (producing anything below 500 bags per year). As Sitios are smaller, there is generally a greater focus on quality. For instance, thinner patios, hand-picked cherries, and generally more attention to detail in the production process.

These farms are usually located at higher altitudes in mountainous landscapes. Due to the controlled environment of Sitios, production and quality are carefully measured and monitored. While coffees from Brazil are typically characterised by their chocolatey and nutty flavour profile, sitios offer a wide variety of flavour profiles. Including distinguishably fruity flavours, such as: blood orange, peach, and floral notes.

Mauricio Scalco, Sitio Amoreira.

The small nature of these farms means that this coffee also offers an incredible level of traceability. We were fortunate enough to have the pleasure of visiting the farm owner of Sitio Amoreira, Mauricio Scalco, ourselves.  

Mauricio showed us around his amazing Sitio which had many banana trees planed around (as a natural wind block) and is ran on 100% solar energy. He told us the following:

“We love what we do and the place we live. Coffee is our passion. We are happy to be part of this quality program and determined to keep on improving.” – Mauricio Scalco.

Get ready for a pleasant surprise!

We have carefully developed two roast profiles which showcase the very best of our new coffees.

While any brewing method you choose will highlight the excellence of these coffees, our delicious espresso roast from Sitio Amoreira and outstanding filter roast from Sitio Mateiro truly delivers an outstanding finish.

Sitio Amoreria offers everything that you could ever want from an espresso: classic Brazilian flavour notes chocolatey & nutty with an elegant twist. As a filter, Sitio Mateiro is bursting with fruity and floral notes.

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