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Did you follow a training with us and would you like to look back at the steps of making an espresso? Where you should focus on when adjusting the coffee grinder and how you read a coffee recipe? Job, Head of Training at the Bocca School of Coffee explains in these videos in a few simple steps how to make an espresso, how to foam milk and how to clean the machine. We also put together several tips and tricks that make making coffee even more fun and easy!

Learn step by step how to make an espresso

With a few simple tips and tricks, making an espresso becomes even more easy!

For each of our coffees we created a recipe. You can find these at the page of the coffee you’re looking for in our webshop . Do you want to know how to read a recipe? And what the different components of a recipe are? Watch the video on the left.

Does the water run too fast? Or does the grinder give too little coffee ground? In this video you lean how to adjust your grinder within a few steps.

To make a good espresso it’s important to clean your espresso machine very well. Would you like to learn how to do this? Watch this video.

In this video, Job explains how to create the perfect milk foam.

How do you create a good contrast in your cup? How do you pour a heart? With these tips & tricks you’ll create the most beautiful latte art figures.

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