April Tea

by Bocca

We started April. because we felt the need to create a tea brand that’s attached to the origin of the product. We love to drink tea that’s defined by taste, by quality. We therefore focus on real leaf and natural tea. Our range is constantly evolving from season to season, year to year.

Serve April.

Every day we strive to make the finest tea accessible for those who truly care. It’s fresh, it’s brewed perfectly and it elevates an experience. Get in touch and we’ll invite you to sample our range of tea. We love to tell you more about the origins of each, the production, the farmers– and get to know you too!

We believe that tea is grown, not manufactured.

Tea Workshop

Before we dive into the world of tea, we naturally start with a freshly brewed cup. Then we investigate and taste which beautiful loose black, green, white and oolong teas have different origins to offer. Our tea masters take you by the hand to show you how you can also enjoy all this beauty at home.

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