Suke Quto School Project

How can you support children living in coffee communities?

We want to share with our customers a taste of something extremely important to us. As a B Corp company, we strive to have a positive Impact on the lives of every single individual Involved in the bean-to-cup journey. By buying our coffee, you support children in coffee farming communities of Ethiopia. We donate proceeds from our Ethiopia coffee, to fund the development of schools in the Guji zone of Ethiopia.

For young Individuals living in rural coffee farming communities, education opportunities are often limited. Children are required to work on the farm and public transport options in remote settings are relatively expensive, which create barriers to schooling.

Improving education in coffee farming communities.

For farmers in rural settings of Ethiopia, coffee constitutes a major source of livelihood.

Sudden losses in income force coffee farmers to take their children out of school. As a result, turbulent coffee prices and low wages have implications for children living in coffee farming communities.

Alongside our long-lasting commitment (now for 20 years!) to coffee farmers in the Guji region of Ethiopia, we believe that having good school facilities, is an essential step to providing local children the education that they deserve.

The Suke Quto School Project Continues!

The school project was established by Tesfaye Bedele, owner of Suke Quto farm, and Menno Simons, founding owner of BOCCA. Working closely together, and with the help of everybody buying our coffee, the Suke Quto school project has been a success.

Funding has been used to build various facilities in the near-by Kurume school, including a new department with a library, a toilet, and a new gate. Our quest continues, with the redevelopment of a school in Suke Quto village. Providing infrastructure to allow children to continue their studies beyond 8th grade, facilitating opportunities for young people in the surrounding area.

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