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Our Cooking Stove Project

Indoor smoke is a major health threat for all off-grid households in developing countries. The smoke coming from improvised cooking stoves kills about 2 million people a year, of which 44% is child. This was reported by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

We strive to offer the family of the Kenyan coffee farmer a clean, smokeless cooking experience. The first test with a stove from African Clean Energy (the ACE 1) was a succes. It cooks on wood and uses 70% fuel, so it produces hardly any smoke.

How can you support?

Our goal is to – together with Trabocca and African Clean Energy – fill a container with stoves. A stove costs $ 150 (ex VAT) in total. From this amount, you pay $ 99 (production costs) and the farmer pays  $ 51 (delivery costs). We ask the farmer to pay a part as well, because from our experience, we know that it works better to give the farmer responsibility and truly make him owner.  Subsequently, we make sure the stoves arrive at the families who really want it, which makes it a good investment.

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Within 3 to 6 months, the container with stoves will be shipped to Kenya. Whenever they are placed, you’ll get an update from us and the families you supported.

Susan about the stove

Susan is one of the ‘soldiers’ – only women in the management – of the Ndaroini Kenya Coffee Revolution Project. – ‘I cook, recharge my phone and use the light. During the day, I place the solar panel on the roof to recharge  it for the evening. Cooking with the stove works really well: it goes fast an without producing any smoke. Besides, I have less energy costs, so I save a lot. All of this thanks to the stove!’

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