Year Round subscription

Your favourite coffee, freshly roasted and monthly delivered to your doorstep. Pick one of our seven delicious Year Round offerings, choose how much you’d like per delivery and how long you’d like to receive it. We ship it, you brew it.  We only sell whole bean coffee but a range of grinders are available to purchase in our shop. This subscription starts at the moment of ordering.

12,39 / maand

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Our very first blend and still our sweetheart. Delicately balanced with notes of date, caramel and lemon, it combines our favourite single-origin coffees to create a truly complex flavour profile. It’s no surprise it’s our most popular coffee.

Our signature organic blend for those who live with gusto. Versatile and full-bodied with milk chocolate, honey and berry notes, this exquisite coffee is infused with a zest for life. No matter how you brew it, it will rev up your day.

The ultimate feel-good coffee. Easy like Sunday morning, this blend is smooth enough to handle any bumps in the road of life. It brims with sweet notes of chocolate and hazelnut – for which Central and South American coffees are renowned. And is made with love.

A ‘click’ in a cup. One sip of this undeniable palate pleaser and you’ll feel a magical connection. We crafted this delicious roast, rich with dark chocolate and nutty notes, from single-origin Brazilian coffee. It might just be the love of your life.

Our darkest roast. Spicy notes combine with hints of sweet caramel and chocolate to create a delightful explosion in the mouth. Even light roast aficionados will be pleasantly surprised when they discover this gem.

Our dear Colombian. While it offers a good body and strong aroma, our roasters bring out the delicious notes of cocoa, cherries, and cane sugar. A balanced and complete coffee that excites and delights!

Our homage to the birthplace of coffee. This exemplary delicacy captures the beauty and mystery of Ethiopia’s coffee heritage. Vivid and bright with peach and floral notes, it’s one to be slowly savoured.

Caffeine-fuelled coffee isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why we offer this premium alternative to run-of-the-mill decaf, naturally processed under the Tropical sun. One taste of its delicious dark chocolate and nectarine notes and you won’t believe it’s a decaf.