Hibiscus / Vanille Chocolate


This special origin chocolate from Krak combines white chocolate (40% cacao) with the complex flavor of hibiscus (5%) and the sweetness of vanilla. After you’ve taken out the chocolate from its beautiful packaging, you discover a purple-colored chocolate bar that has everything to offer for coffee and chocolate lovers. Excellent in combination with our The Blend coffee, with its fresh lemon and deep caramel flavors. Try it and you will be amazed by the intense experience!


Over the years Krak (Mark Schimmel) developed his own style of chocolate making. Every bag of cocoa is different, every new crop is different from the previous crop. His challenge is to get the best out of the cocoa bean every time to make the most beautiful chocolates. What Mark realized over the years is that he actually had to change very little to influence the taste. The trick is to harmonize the beautiful cocoa and leave it in its value. Krak’s style is to stay as close as possible to the taste profile of the origin and to accentuate what makes the cocoa bean unique. This is their passion and we’re proud to have their products available in our store!


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