Congo Bushushu

Chamomile, Rich, Raspberry jam



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This coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo is sourced from the Bushushu micro-station in the Kalehe territory in the Province of Sud-Kivu, near Lake Kivu. It is grown by 416 smallholder farmers near the washing station. The coffee varietals growing in the area are primarily from the bourbon lineage, known for exceptional cup quality when growing at altitude. The coffee cherries are processed on the day of delivery, where they are pulped and dry fermented for 12 hours. Then the coffee is soaked for 12 hours, washed, and soaked again for 12 hours. The cleaned parchment coffee is dried on covered raised beds for 14-20 days. After roasting, the cup is floral, sugary, and rich with notes of chamomile and raspberry jam.

How to brew

Filter (V60)

Dose: 15 grams
Water: 255 ml
Grind: medium

Total extraction time: 3 mins

This coffee shines as a v60 brew. Very complex, with rich notes of sweet berries and sticky caramel.

Double Espresso

Dose: 19 grams
Yield: 48 grams

Total extraction time: 28 sec