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20 Years of Bocca

Celebrating 20 Years Of Coffee, Culture, and People In celebration of our 20 year anniversary, we’re proud to present our Anniversary Blend and a brand

Our Coffee Chorizo is here!

A chorizo for coffee lovers! Their curiosity and passion for developing high-quality products gave Samuel Levie of Brandt & Levie and our founder, Menno Simons,


Cold Drip Recepten

Bocca Cold Drip Coffees are amazingly refreshing: with a lot of ice on a sunny day and a secret ingredient for cocktails! Long Sparkling Cocktail

Cocktail & Mocktail recepten

Recipes from the live broadcast (20th of May 2020): Cocktails & Mocktails Good news for all of you followed the live broadcast about Cocktails &

Bananenbrood featuring Gusto

Bananbread recipe The recipe for the best banana bread from our bar at Kerkstraat 96 is now available to bake it yourself!  Ingredients (for 1

Hoe bewaar je gemalen koffie?

Temporarily, our Year Round coffees are also available to order as filter grind. As the quality of pre-ground coffee decreases faster than beans, we advise