Making Recycling Bucket-Loads of Fun!

As a certified B Corp company, BOCCA continually strives towards having a positive impact on the environment.

At our coffee shop and in the roastery we develop innovative ways to reuse old materials, to ensure that we have a positive impact on our natural environment.

Have you ever wondered what we do with all the coffee sacks that transport our delicious beans?

To make sure that our bags are reused, we send them off to a nearby tree nursery. The bags are wrapped around the roots of trees to support them in their growth and provide our planet with the glorious oxygen that it deserves.

At our roastery, helping to save our environment is a real TREE-t! 

Keeping Recycling Bucket-Loads of Fun!

As you can probably imagine, we have a lot of left-over coffee … bucket-loads in fact! We collect all our left-over grounds, which are then used in all sorts of wonderful ways.

Whether it’s used for compost or at an Amsterdam-based liqueur company, you can be sure that all our coffee is re-used. Which is very important to us because our beans take a very long journey to get here.

Oh.. and our baristas love to take our leftover coffee home. They say that it works as the best exfoliating facemask!

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