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Kenya Stove Project

Frequent exposure to smoke is one of the biggest killers, caused by the combustion of fuels and open fires indoors. Around the globe, almost 3 billion people do not have adequate access to energy. This constrains many families to cooking on an open fire and having to use kerosene and candles for lighting. We found an innovative solution, helping to improve the lives of our coffee farmers living in rural Kenya. 

The ACE One stove is an energy system which symbiotically integrates thermal and electric energy, providing access to electricity and power suitable for truly clean biomass combustion. The latest model includes an integrated port for charging electronic devices (such as mobile phones).

With the help of the ACE One Solar, rural communities reliant on indoor stoves are able to minimise household smoke emissions, reduce their fuel needs and gain direct access to solar energy. Funding provided by our company, staff, and some customers has helped  farming communities that we work alongside, in Kenya.

BOCCA places a huge emphasis on ensuring the well-being of all individuals involved in each and every bag of coffee we produce. By sending these stoves we aim to help circumvent the negative effects of household air pollution. Reducing household air pollution has a direct positive effect on individuals’ health, the environment and household income. Which are just a handful of ways that these stoves can improve the lives of families living in the champagne region of coffee.

ACE One Solar: providing clean combustible energy whilst charging a mobile phone.

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