Carbon insetting

Our philosophy at BOCCA is innovation over compensation. 

We are developing strategies to actively reduce and compensate for our companies carbon footprint. With limited instruments available for tackling climate issues in the coffee industry, many companies are now turning to carbon offsetting, removing Co2 to compensate for their emissions elsewhere. But we want to focus on carbon insetting, to generate a positive impact within our own value chain and preserve the fantastic forest lands home to our coffee.

What is the difference between offsetting and insetting?

As the climate crisis continues, it is more essential than ever before to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Offsetting means companies can reduce their carbon footprint, counteracting emissions by removing Co2 from the atmosphere elsewhere. This allows coffee companies to “compensate” for their emissions, purchasing carbon credits to offset outside of their value chain.

However, offsetting alone is not enough. We believe that it is essential to reduce our emissions internally. Insetting means finding innovative methods to reduce emissions within our own value chain. Offering a genuinely sustainable solution, and the true way forwards.

How are we working on this?

Working alongside Carble, we are investigating how we can reduce our carbon footprint and smallholder poverty in a single investment. Developing a system for rewarding coffee farmers for protecting the carbon stored in their agroforestry farms. Offering a financial incentives to encourage farmers to keep coffee forests in-tact to maintain and expand ecosystem co-benefits.

Keep posted to read more about our insetting project soon!

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