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Suke Quto School

Together with Tesfaye, Menno initiated the building of a new school for the children in the Suke Quto area. Their parents are involved in the production of our Suke Quto coffee. We supported this school project by donating Euro 5.000 and more importantly we support Tesfaye by buying his coffee for years and years now. 

After several challenges, finally the school is now fully operational! In October 2018, Tesfaye officially handed over the  school to the community. And the story continues, it’s an ongoing project. Tesfaye has a long-term vision, aiming to give each and every child the opportunity to go to school. He therefore already has plans for a second school building. Curious about the progress? As soon as we know more, we will post an update here.

Update January 2020

Thanks to the support of our customers who buy the Suke Quto coffee and donate a specific amount to the project, we were able to collect an amount of € 2.825 euro for the school in 2019. Would you like to join as well? Contact your account manager for more information.

Get involved!

Would you like to contribute to this project as well? We provide the possibility to our wholesale customers to get involved by donating a specific amount per kg coffee to the school. We are so pleased that some of our customers have joined us already! For more info about how to contribute, contact your account manager.

Exposition at Kerkstraat 96

This is a selection of photos made by Menno, who took them on his many origin field trips, while working on quality improvement with our farmers. These photos are for sale and we will donate the full profit to the Suke Quto school project.

For more information about the pictures, their stories, sizes and prices, please send an email to

The Refugee Company

Since January 2017 we work closely with The Refugee Company (TRC), an organization that connects refugees to Dutch companies and supports them setting up their own business.

We provide barista training trajectories, including two trainings a week, with a duration of 12 weeks. And with success; some of the graduated baristas ended up working at Bocca customers like Restaurant Merkelbach, Schinkelhaven and Hotel V. TRC is located in the Bijlmer bajes – local slang for “jail”- where they set up their own restaurant ‘A Beautiful Mess’ including a coffee bar. Worldwide coffee blog Sprudge, wrote an article about this project, to be found here.  

Operation Cherry Red

Operation Cherry Red beloont Ethiopische koffieboeren voor hun harde werk en innovatieve insteek. Met behulp van een 50 cent per pond premie, de training en en de assistentie gedurende het proces, realiseren de boeren zich dat ze de middelen hebben om te wachten tot de bessen op hun allerbest zijn. Zo bereiken we samen grote hoogtes op het gebied van kwaliteit en smaakprofielen.

Wij hebben die kwaliteit nodig, alsook volume en traceerbaarheid. Hetzelfde geldt voor de boeren. Bocca investeert actief om de voorraadketen te transformeren en de Ethiopische koffieboeren te helpen een hoger plan te bereiken. Operation Cherry Red is dat verhaal tot werkelijkheid gebracht.