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FD - 7th of May 2019

How long will the coffee farmer battle on?

The coffee price has been dropped to an extremely low level. The FD wrote an article about it and interviewed founder Menno – also owner of green coffee supplier Trabocca – about this topic.

“The coffee price is currently lowest in years. Millions of coffee farmers don’t see any improvement coming. Colombia already argues for deleting all ‘unfair and speculative’ coffee price. Five questions about the crises at a market of over $200 billion…”

KTC magazine - #31

Menno Simons – man with a pure mission

“What started with a fascination for the beautiful, red cherries, ended up in a specialty coffee company that contains all aspects from farmers to beans to roasting. Green coffee supplier Menno Simons from Trabocca defies fight teams and bribery to fairly trade in Ethiopia and Kenia.” 

Discover Benelux- issue April 2018

From Cherry to Bocca

Word-class Dutch coffeeroaster and -bar

Article in Entree Magazine (a Dutch Horeca magazine), edition May 2019, by Iris Kranenburg. 

Coffee & Stories, March 2018

Coffee Talk #12 – Menno Simons

Interview by Dani Bordiniuc

“Last year I had the amazing chance to sit down and talk with Menno Simons, the founder of Trabocca, a coffee importing business specialized on Ethiopia. Menno is the driving force behind the company’s innovation, sourcing and strategy worldwide.”