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The People Behind Our Coffees

Suke Quto Farm

We got the chance to meet and talk to one of the coffee farmers of Suke Quto during our origin trip to Ethiopia. It was the first time he truly saw the end result of his hard work. 

The owner of the farm, Tesfaye, has always been a ‘frontrunner’. He continuously strives to improve the quality of his coffee by innovation and by education of his people. His coffee is part of the operation cherry red program and he is the driving force behind the school that’s being built for the children of his workers.

The Reko washing station

Menno in Yirgacheffe, the Gedeo zone in Ethiopia. This is the Reko washing station. These very well organized people make amazing quality coffees. They have been longtime friends, partners and they are part of the operation cherry red program.

Safaye from Guji Mora

Menno with long time partner Safaye, from Guji Mora. This coffee farmer owns plantations at very high altitudes and therefore provides the best quality coffee with a real Guji flavour profile: floral, sweet with tones of peach and apricots.

Adolfo, Fazenda Passeio

Ever since we’ve visited Adolfo Ferreira, we’ve been wanting to buy his coffee. So we’re super happy this is finally happening now. Adolfo is the owner of both Fazenda Passeio and Fazenda Lagoa, located on mountain slopes near the town of Alfenas, Minas Gerais. He is extremely caring, sweet and knowledgeable. Knowing all current Brazilian varietals – including when they arrived in the country and which they were crossed with – by heart! Adolfo is also the president of the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), striving for all the Brazilian coffee farmers to produce the best quality possible and sharing his knowledge wherever and whenever possible. Apart from coffee, he is a strong competitor on the soccer field at his farm. 

Haile Gebre, Shakisso farm

Menno with old friend Haile Gebre, owner of the Shakisso farm, Ethiopia. Haile and Menno have been working together for many years now. Haile has 7 daughters and calls Menno ‘his son’.

Berhane, son of farmer Salomon

Berhane, son of coffee farmer Salomon drinking his own OCR coffee at Kerkstraat 96. They own 4 washing stations. We were proud to serve him one of their coffees from the washing station in Guji, Ethiopia. Menno’s been working with them for 13 years now!