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Suke Quto School Project

Suke Quto School Project How can you support children living in coffee communities? We want to share with our customers a taste of something extremely

20 Years of Bocca

Celebrating 20 Years Of Coffee, Culture, and People In celebration of our 20 year anniversary, we’re proud to present our Anniversary Blend and a brand

Our Coffee Chorizo is here!

A chorizo for coffee lovers! Their curiosity and passion for developing high-quality products gave Samuel Levie of Brandt & Levie and our founder, Menno Simons,

Oat + Coffee

A coffee designed for oat milk

Elevate your plant based coffee game! Today you can find oat milk everywhere but traditionally coffee is selected & roasted without oat milk in mind.


Cold Drip Recipes

Bocca Cold Drip Coffees are amazingly refreshing: with a lot of ice on a sunny day and a secret ingredient for cocktails! Long Sparkling Cocktail

Cocktail & Mocktail recipes

Recipes from the live broadcast (20th of May 2020): Cocktails & Mocktails Good news for all of you followed the live broadcast about Cocktails &