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Commitment to Partnerships

Commitment to Partnerships Menno has recently returned from his travels in Africa. On the way, establishing new partnerships with people who make what we do

True Price Society

Choose True Price, Drink BOCCA! It’s official! The true price report has landed, the results are in and we are proud to share our findings.

Innovation over compensation

Carbon Insetting Our philosophy at BOCCA is innovation over compensation. We are developing strategies to actively reduce and compensate for our companies carbon footprint. With

Kenya Stove Project

The ACE One Solar has landed! Kenya Stove Project Frequent exposure to smoke is one of the biggest killers, caused by the combustion of fuels

Suke Quto School Project

Suke Quto School Project How can you support children living in coffee communities? We want to share with our customers a taste of something extremely

20 Years of Bocca

Celebrating 20 Years Of Coffee, Culture, and People In celebration of our 20 year anniversary, we’re proud to present our Anniversary Blend and a brand

Our Coffee Chorizo is here!

A chorizo for coffee lovers! Their curiosity and passion for developing high-quality products gave Samuel Levie of Brandt & Levie and our founder, Menno Simons,