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How to store pre-ground coffee

How to store pre-ground coffee

Temporarily, our Year Round coffees are also available to order as filter grind. As the quality of pre-ground coffee decreases faster than beans, we advise you to follow the tips below to maintain the flavour of your coffee for as long as possible. 

  • When you’ve opened the bag, store it airtight. Use a container or a clip to close the bag.
  • Always store coffee in the kitchen cabinet, and not in the fridge.
  • Do you like to store your coffee for a longer period? The best option is to vacuum and freeze the coffee. Online you can find several machines  to do this. 
  • The quality of ground coffee decreases faster than of coffee beans. Our advice is therefore to store pre-ground coffee for a maximum of two weeks.

The recipe below works well for V60, Aeropress, French Press en Clever Drip. 

  • 15 grams of coffee OR about 1 healthy tablespoon  
  • 250 grams of water OR about 1 glass of water  
  • Make sure the water is nice and hot. We recommend slightly under the boil.
  • Drip (for example V60): If your coffee is done brewing in under 2 minutes, add more coffee. If the coffee takes longer than 3 minutes to brew, use less coffee.
  • Immersion (for example Aeropress, French Press, Clever Drip): Brew your coffee for 3 minutes. If you find your coffee to be too strong, use less coffee. If you find your coffee to be too weak, use more coffee.

During the Corona crisis we also offer pre-ground coffee, to make life a little easier for people who are stuck at home. Usually, we only sell beans as this keeps the aromas in and creates a better flavour.

Would you like to grind coffee yourself? We offer several grinders in our webshop.

Enjoy !

The recipe works well for these products