How much does your cup of coffee cost?

BOCCA x True Price

Bocca x True Price

The beans used for each cup of coffee, have taken their own unique expedition to make their way into your cup. Unfortunately, this journey often has a negative societal and environmental cost. Co2 emissions, water soil and energy use, child labor and farmer wage exploitation are just a handful of issues, which are not reflected in the final price of a cup of coffee. At BOCCA we support innovative strategies, to develop a more transparent supply chain, fronting the movement towards a more sustainable and fair coffee industry.

Working closely in cooperation with BOCCA coffee, social entrepreneur Ariane van Mancius, is set to open the world’s first true price cafe, Het Koffiehuis in Breukelen. The mission of developing a cafe with full price transparency is now a concrete reality.  A space where customers pay the ‘actual’ cost, providing opportunity for customers to pay (otherwise) hidden costs. This additional price premium will support NGOs and charities in remediating the societal costs associated with consumer behavior.

Fair and transparent pricing is extremely important to us here at BOCCA. Discussing the future of the coffee industry, BOCCA founder Menno Simons, explains:

“I’m tired of empty words and fake claims. Everybody claims to be paying a ‘good’ or ‘fair’ price and buying ‘directly’ from the farmer.

Over the past 20 years, there has been a rise of awareness, specialism, and knowledge. I hope to see this trend continue, with a higher emphasis placed on quality, transparency, and sustainability!”

The aim of a true price system is to eventually reduce hidden costs to the point where end consumers no long need to pay a premium on sustainable products. We can’t wait for what’s in store for the future – a more transparent coffee industry!

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