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Celebrating 20 years of Coffee, Culture & People

Introducing our anniversary blend Back To The Future and a brand new look

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Coffee Discoverer

This GREEN packaging represents our most approachable coffees. If you try Bocca for the 1rst time and love  chocolate flavored coffee. 

Coffee Adventurer

This RED packaging represents our more challenging coffees. Fresh and fruity. Adventurers are familiar with specialty coffee. Perfect for slow coffee.

Coffee Pioneer

Our GOLDEN packaging represents coffees with out-of-the-ordinary flavors. Often limited available. Pioneers are proud coffee geeks. 

Back To The Future

Meet our celebratory Back To The Future blend to mark our 20-year anniversary!

Destined to drink as a filter, it’s a bold, confident coffee that graces our palates with sparkling notes of tropical fruit and florals.

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We will turn you into a maker ready to create some awesomeness.

Espresso At Home

Make professional coffee at home. Learn how to brew an espresso to suit your palate and create microfoam for cappuccinos. 

Tasting & Brewing

Discover your favorite flavor notes and learn how to brew a great filter coffee cup at home. Personal guidance in small groups. 

bocca workshop espresso at home
Creating Latte Art

Learn how to make delicious cappuccinos that look even better. Create hearts & rosettas with perfectly frothed (oat) milk.

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