Barista workshops

The School of Coffee

We have only one goal in mind: to offer you a high quality training, during which you not only gain knowledge, but also get insight in why we do things the way we do. Our experienced coffee educators cater to all levels from the home enthusiast to the coffee professional. In our beautiful training area, you work with the best machinery and finest coffees. And you can take a look at our Flagship store.

Workshops can be taught in both English and Dutch.

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Online Brewing Workshops

Learn how to become a bocca brew master in an online workshop. We will send you a 250 gram bag of practice coffee and explain you the best practices of brewing over Zoom. Registration closes one week before the course date and instructions are available for download upon purchase.

Dates and time: Take a look at our workshop page for actual dates and times.
Participants: 2-6
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Location: ZOOM Cloud Meeting
Price: 29,75

School of Coffee

We offer workshops for everyone who wants to explore the trip from bean to cup. You will learn everything from making espressos to pouring latte art, brewing coffee and recognizing flavours in our School of Coffee.

Dates and time: Take a look at our workshop page for actual dates and times.
Participants: 2 – 4
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Espressobar, Kerkstraat 96 Amsterdam
Price: 70,- to 95,-

Training facilities in Amsterdam

Kerkstraat in Amsterdam

Kerkstraat 96 is where we reveal the magic behind our brand – and why we love what we do. It’s a collaborative space for exploring coffee – from all angles – in a café environment. A platform for establishing meaningful connections with roasters and farmers, brewers and baristas, craftspeople and craft companies, customers and connoisseurs. A school of learning for a new generation, curious to discover emerging trends and the latest innovations in roasting and brewing from an established industry authority.

We designed the vibrant space to create an inspirational experience. Our travels and the beauty of nature informed the materials and colours. And every detail – from the grinders to the pottery on display – has been crafted by people with a passion for what they do.

It’s where you can find exceptional local and international coffee products and accessories – and hear independent advice from experts. Or simply escape from the rate race, slow down, disconnect – and recharge.

We don’t just create exceptional coffee, we create exceptional experiences – and hope you’ll join us for your next cup.

(And maybe some cake to go with it.)

Our coffees

  • Brew the most delicious coffee yourself
  • Professional equipment for home use
  • Start brewing at home with the knowledge you’ve gained

Equipment for home use

  • Become a real barista
  • Personal attention from our coffee masters
  • Espresso & filter coffee training

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