Adventure to Origin.

During my time in origin it was amazing to meet the talented people who make what we do possible.

– Kieran, BOCCA Coffee.

Partnerships in Coffee.

What a trip – where do I even start?!

Every single moment was fantastic – meeting inspiring people, building knowledge, and gaining new experiences. It was striking to see the amazing work in origin: from the attention on quality to a focus on enhancing sustainable practices.

Visiting the farm connected to our true price soulmate, brought the whole project to life. Seeing for myself the impressive focus on people and the environment.

The biggest highlight was definitely connecting with our partners in origin, drinking coffee together and enjoying the final product.

Fazenda Passeio & Lagoa.

Touch down in Brazil. I was very excited to visit Passeio farm, and meet farm owner, Adolfo. We actually moved the dates of our trip specifically to meet him. A true pioneer and producer of our delicious soulmate coffee.

There are 130 workers at Passeio, and all the cherries are individually handpicked (no mechanical shakers). There are two major focus points at Fazenda Passeio: workers on the farm and the environment. It was great to know our values closely align, it’s really no wonder we have been working together now for many years.

After developing a solar panel project, all energy on the farm is now produced by solar. Native trees are constantly being planted around the farm, as many as 30,000 trees! We spoke about the True Price project and our next steps, exploring how to tackle the biggest problems we face in the supply chain.

I gifted Adolfo a bag of our coffee, and he was delighted! We cupped his coffee, we spoke about difficulties in our industry, and we laughed together. Here’s to many more years of partnership!

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