A beautiful story in your cup! A Kenyan coffee in The Blend

Striving to offer you the best coffee, means that sometimes we need to adapt in order to keep up with perfection. That’s why our very first coffee, The Blend has changed in composition; we’ve added a Kenyan component. Firstly, because we felt this coffee would truly enrich the taste of course. But also because with by paying a fair price to the farmer, we can actually do something against the bad living conditions of the Kenyan farmers. And by drinking this coffee, you can help too!

A clear message

The new component of The Blend is a washed coffee from the Ndaroini washing station in Nyeri, Kenya.
Even though Nyeri is known for one of the best coffee regions in the world, our founder Menno noticed that in the last couple of years, the coffee quality dropped down.
Out of curiosity he visited Ndaroini and asked the farmers there what could be the reason for this decrease of the cherry quality. The message was clear; The price that big conglomerates paid for the farmers’ coffee cherries was too low and in addition, the payments, most of the time, were too late.
Obviously this made it hard for the farmers to make ends meet, and there was no money to reinvest in their land.

The Kenyan Coffee Revolution

Menno decided that with his other company -green coffee importer Trabocca-, he would change this situation since he felt the farmers need to at the least, have a liveable income. So Trabocca, together with a local coffee partner, set up a plan to change the situation. Trabocca would offer 100 Kenyan shilling for their coffee cherries, instead of the usual 60 Kenyan shilling. The result was and still is that from 2019 the Ndaroini coffee farmers are the best paid Kenyan coffee farmers!

Join the revolution

We support this project from Trabocca by incorporating this coffee into out Year Round assortiment. Do you want to help aswell? Then come and try our new Blend at Kerkstraat 96 from coming Monday or order a bag here straight away! This way our partners can keep on flourishing and you are able to drink the best coffee!

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